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dns/bind99 now wants security/openssl, but I don't!

Sunday, May 18 2014

Today when I updated dns/bind99 to


Not sure why there are so many PORTREVISIONS, some reversing previous ones. Seems contrary to what I expect for FreeBSD. Guess its a good thing that we won’t be replacing our DNS servers at work with FreeBSD now.

Well, with this PORTREVISION, it is wanting security/openssl. But, I don’t. Since this breaks pretty much everything else that is using base openssl. So, I avoid ports or port options that pull this in.

Well, the commit message is to fix build with GOST (on 10, base OpenSSL doesn’t provide it) and to use OpenSSL from ports for <10s where base OpenSSL is 0.9.8y…. Except GOST is port option that is off by default. And, I have no need for it. The default port options are: IPV6 SSL THREADS. While I’m not currently doing IPv6, I leave these options set when I build dns/bind99. SSL is required for DNSSEC, which I’m doing both at home and at work, and both have been working fine with openssl-0.9.8 (various letters, since default is rather low but later I switched to running bind in zones at work, so it has the latest 'y' version.)

Other port options that I have set on FreeBSD are: DOCS, FILTER_AAAA, IDN, LARGE_FILE, NEWSTATS, REPLACE_BASE, RRL, and SIGCHASE. With the exception of REPLACE_BASE, which is unique to pre-10 FreeBSD and DOCS, this matches how I build bind at work.

It is the FILTER_AAAA option that prompted me to switch to ports bind for my systems at home. Since there are some braindead apps that insist on trying IPv6 addresses, even though its disabled on everything (except lo0). Some where I’ve even set the configuration options to disable it, it still tries. Though someday I plan to set up IPv6 at home….so many projects, so little time and too many distractions from newer projects.

PR: ports/189931