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ports-mgmt/pkg (1.3.4) quiet delete doesn't

Sunday, August 3 2014

Decided that it was time to cleanup the pkg’s installed on my system. Since the other day I watched it take forever to update a port, that turned out to be a leaf package. Leftover dependency from something I choose not to keep around. There are also other big left over build dependencies that for whatever reason weren’t marked as automatic or removed automaticallly at the end of a portmaster (w/ –delete-build-only) run.

I ran ports-mgmt/pkg_rmleaves, having coming up an ugly fix to finally make it work for me… which later resulted in the pkg_rmleaves-20140222 version.

Well, I selected a bunch of packages, and then it disappeared for a long time to seemingly delete the packages. It locked the package db, because a while later while it was still hiding I had typed ‘pkg version -vIl<’ in another window to see if the list of ports I need to update had gotten smaller.

Eventually it returned, and reported that there were no more leaves. Which was odd, since there should be many packages starting with fpc- still to be removed. Suspect its a problem in the post 1.3.0 release of ports-mgmt/pkg. Where 1.3.1 was especially fun where it segv’d on install and left me without any pkg, and re-bootstrapping it pulls in the 1.2.7 version where it’ll complain lots that the database is much newer than it expects.

There was a portmaster backup of the old package, but I couldn’t install it with a working pkg. Eventually, I restored pkg-static from backup….I had broken all 3 of my home FreeBSD systems. And, then locked it so that I could still update other ports without it trying to update to broken release.

A few hours later, 1.3.1_1 was released….before I got to it, 1.3.2 came out. Followed by an update to 1.3.3 and today the update to 1.3.4.

Looking at what pkg_rmleaves was doing. pkg delete -q -y "$p" I narrowed the problem to the ‘-q’ switch.

And, while I was filling out the bug report, I peeked at the source code (since I don’t have portmaster clean after an update on zen.) and found this:

if (!quiet || dry_run) {
            "Deinstallation has been requested for the following %d packages "
            "(of %d packages in the universe):\n\n", nbactions,
        if (dry_run) {
                retcode = EX_OK;
                goto cleanup;
        rc = query_yesno(false,
                    "\nProceed with deinstalling packages [y/N]: ");
if (!rc || (retcode = pkg_jobs_apply(jobs)) != EPKG_OK)
        goto cleanup;

rc is initialized as false, so if quiet the answer is always no! That’s not right.

Had query_yesno() been called….it understands the ‘quiet’ flag, with:

/* We use default value of yes or default in case of quiet mode */
if (quiet)
        return (yes || r);

Guess I’m not getting to that new thing I was going to try to get going this weekend….

PR: 192356