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math/orpie: update to 1.5.2

Monday, August 4 2014

Back on May 26, 2014, I wrote about having updated math/orpie to 1.5.2, which ended with me wondering when I would get around to submitting it?

I forget why I put it off, other than the fact that the update didn’t resolve the issue I had with orpie at the time. And, I had resolved by running it in an xterm instead of gnome-terminal.

Anyways, it seems somebody else submitted an update on June 10, 2014. And, it didn’t make its way into ports until yesterday (Aug 3, 3014). Wonder if I want to compare it with what I had done. It seems to have some different patches, though that might be to make it fit with the overall changes to ports or the various tweaks to the previous version, such as those committed on May 26, Jul 7 and Jul 14.

PR: 190901

Need to find time to get my poudriere server working….