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p5-IO-Interface-1.09 is broken

Tuesday, January 6 2015

So, after yesterday’s knee jerk patch to net-mgmt/ turned out to be a failureunnecessary. Which came about because I had failed to noticed that I hadn’t updated net/p5-IO-Interface on my test host. It had only been updated in my jails…

Started into a deeper examination of net/p5-IO-Interface, saw the patch to fix a bug in 1.06, looked at the corresponding code in 1.09 (instead of a while loop that changes the pointer, and then trying to free at the point it had descended to. Though in my reproducing the section of code as a standalone test, it was the first entry that yielded the desired result so probably something that was easily overlooked. The patch file created a save pointer which was used late when it was time to ‘free’ the data. Using a for loop, obviously, results in having an index that moves along the linked list leaving the original pointer unchanged for ‘free’ing.

So, started wonder if there was a compile problem, tried various incantations to introduce different compiler flags to no avail. Not familiar with Module::Build, so no idea on where to fiddle with it. But, it occurs to me to wonder if its evening using the right section of code in Interface.xs. So, I inject an intentional typo. And, it compiles without a hitch. So, I then wonder where does 'HAVE_SOCKADDR_DL_STRUCT' and 'USE_GETIFADDR' get defined so that it will use the correct section of code?

It was in the Configure section of Makefile.PL, no idea how to get that into Build.PL. So, update my bug report and write this post….and roll back the p5-IO-Interface (first use of 'KEEP_OLD_PACKAGES' in my poudriere setup) and lock it against updates….

Last thing is re-enable DHCP monitoring from the two places that I’m doing it with net-mgmt/