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I finally lost it with FedEx

Thursday, April 2 2015

Yesterday, April 1st, I spotted what seemed to be a wonder deal for a Limefuel Lite LP200X (after reading a review of it through Drippler), and it came with free next day Amazon Prime delivery. The only downside, was I ordered from my iPad so no Smile donation to the Narcolepsy Network :cry: Wish they would come out with an Amazon Smile version of the app. Shortly after that, I got notification that my order was being prepared to ship by FedEx. Seem to always have trouble when Amazon Prime uses FedEx, but can’t really control what Amazon uses. The surprising ones of late have been their use of USPS. But, I happened to be up around 2am this morning, when I received notification that the Amazon order shipped FedEx Overnight (Standard) which originated from Phoenix, AZ had arrived in Indianapolis, IN. WTF, why do they keep sending my shipments there? This will be the 3rd FexEx Overnight (previous two were Priority) to make a stop over in Indianapolis, IN.

Since July, 2012, I had been getting monthly shipments by FedEx Overnight Priority, which had all gone off without a hitch, except for one time when very little was moving in the city as we were a giant skating rink, until my shipment in August, 2014. When it took a one day side trip to Indianapolis, IN. It was reported that they had a failure of some sort with their routing automation, and did their best in doing in doing it manually.

But, that seemed to be a one time event, until my February shipment got delayed two days (it was supposed to arrive on Thursday, and they wanted to delay it until Monday, but eventually made the delivery on Saturday). It missed Thursday because it had spent the day in Indianapolis, IN (arrived their at 00:56, marked In Transit at 06:53, and then departed at 16:50….arrived 01:00 in Kansas City, MO…originated from Earth City, MO). It then missed on Friday, because the delivery person had made the attempt at the wrong address and they were going to reschedule it for Monday. Bad enough they weren’t treating it as “Priority” anymore.

Overnight Priority is supposed to be mean Delivery by 10:30am the next business day to most areas; by noon, 4:30pm or 5pm to remote areas. Until this one, I had generally been receiving my shipment just after 10am. The Friday attempt wasn’t made until around 2pm (which has been my experience for Standard – which is by 3pm to most areas; 4:30pm for rural and by 8pm to residences.)

I finally received it on Saturday at 10:23am, an the Delivery person apologized as he’s new… Didn’t get any apology for the rudeness of other FedEx people (person when I called them up, and local person that called in followup.) insisting that it was all my fault. What’s my fault…that I have a rare disease that is managed by an expensive controlled substance that is considered Schedule I until it is in my hands, where it becomes Schedule III which they seem unable to ensure its proper transit through their system? New delivery person also failed that the shipment required direct signature which he didn’t collect….

Had thought Jazz was granted patents for their “Sensitive Drug Distribution System and Method”, which was specific to my medication, but ends that it can apply to other sensitive drugs. Though in skimming the patent…it doesn’t make any claims for what happens when the drug leaves their facility to having it reach its correct destination in timely manner. Though they have since been granted patents for where they have made it more resistent to microbial growth (though early on, I did have some strange growths in one medication cup…the second one :blush: )

My March shipment was sent, the usual, Overnight Priority for a Monday delivery. Meaning it left on Friday (from Earth City, MO at 21:02), so it had time to arrive on Saturday at 05:06 in Indianapolis, IN, to later depart at 18:21, and finally arrive on Sunday at 04:15 in Kansas City, MO. And, then arrive in Manhattan, KS at 08:13, for, a bit of a surprise, delivery at 09:25.

So, having had this mis-route happen for the 4th time, with 3 in a row now…and it being somewhere after 2am. I lost it…could seem to find a way to respond to the notification I got on my iPad, so went to desktop to hunt on their website. Ended up with filling out an ‘email’ form to complain about this continuing problem.

Apparently, they read it in time, because after its arrival at 02:01 in Indianapolis, IN, it left there at 04:53, so that it could be in Kansas City, MO at 05:12, and then in Manhattan, KS at 09:12, and on vehicle for delivery at 09:17….should be here in a hour, right?

Probably shouldn’t have had all these deliveries pile in so close to my upcoming trip to the Mayo Clinic, though some of these items are things I need/want for that trip….

As a side note, this will be my 4th Limefuel…first as a Limeade Blast 18,000mAh (L180X) when I backed them through Kickstarter. Later the larger L240X (24,000mAh), plus backing them again on Kickstarter for the L150XR (IP66 Rugged 15,000mAh Pack.) This new acquisition is a 20,000mAh Battery Pack, the main attraction was its LCD display. Though it should also come with their newer combo lightning/microusb charging cable, like the on with the L150XR. The previous ones came with a combo microusb/30-pin charging cable, which weren’t as useful for me. At the time, I only needed microusb….but now I need (at least) a couple of lightning cables.