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net/nxserver: build fails due to missing audiofile-config

Saturday, November 9 2013

PORTREVISION got bumped to 9, due to a newer libaudiofile. But, it wouldn’t build. audiofile-config has been removed, for pkgconf, but nxserver (specifically nxesd’s) configure doesn’t know how to deal with this. Started trying to patch configure, when I went with setting AUDIOFILE_CONFIG="/usr/local/bin/pkgconf audiofile" and passing '--disable-audiofiletest' to configure. It can still get the lib flags and cflags using the first part, but the process of check that 0.3.6 is greater than the minimum version of 0.1.5 was easier solved by disabling the test.

could have port system check version, but can’t do that on a LIB_DEPENDS and went for simple.

PR: ports/183825