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Using memcache instead of query cache in mysql?

Monday, December 9 2013

Keep seeing the advice to use memcache instead of query cache in mysql, but it stumped me on how would I do this without requiring that I change the applications (the big one being cacti.)

When I finally came across this extension (databases/pecl-mysqlnd_qc), which sounded like it would fit.
Except it didn’t, because I use spine. :cry:

Anyways, while trying it out, I couldn’t figure out how to get it to use memcached. Well, these are enabled at compile time, and the port didn’t ask if I wanted to enable MEMCACHE or sqlite storage handlers. So fiddled with the Makefile to have it ask.

Wonder if I’ll submit it?

Decided to first remove references to APC.


Going with mysqlnd_qc.cache_by_default, there needed to be a way (to me) to have it use MEMCACHE by default. I started trying to add a new INI option to do this, but got lost trying to figure out how, so I went with the QAD way….