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pkg_rmleaves always says to resize terminal to at least 80x24

Wednesday, February 19 2014

Everytime that I’ve tried this program, it always fails with:

Dialog Error, try to resize your terminal to at least 80x24.

But, my terminal window is 80x24, and changing the size doesn’t make any difference. Finally, I looked deeper into the problem, and its having trouble with package comments that contain quotation marks.

So whipped up an ugly kluge to deal with them, and now its working… :smirk:

PR: ports/186904

Between this and pkg_cutleaves, not sure which I prefer better. pkg_rmleaves being somewhat flashier with its Dialog interface, versus more features in pkg_cutleaves? Though pkgng’s ‘pkg query’ and some of my own scripting/aliases is taking a knock at both.