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Since the conversion to pkgng no new ports?

Saturday, February 22 2014

Back on February 3rd, it was announced time to bid farewell to the old pkg_ tools. Which will EOL on September 1, 2014. And, boy was it annoying. So, it didn’t take long to convert my systems at home to start using pkgng, and it grew on me quickly.

But, then I noticed that for the last few days portrac has been saying that there are no ports needing update. Seems odd that nothing has been changing in for this long, but there were lots of ports I know I hadn’t updated at home that I had to deal with on work computer.

Finally, I took a peek inside and its not PKGNG aware :disappointed_relieved:

Patched it in a similar manner to how ports-mgmt/pkg_cutleaves handles PKGNG.

PR: ports/186963

The delay between switching and not getting new ports notices, was probably that pkg2ng didn’t move the old stuff in /var/db/pkgs to /var/db/pkgs.old that several online articles on making the switch had said it would. But, rather it left everything in /var/db/pkgs. (This was actually a good thing, since I was worried about how it was going to do the /var/db/pkgs.old move, since /var/db/pkgs is a separate dataset in my zpool.) So, it was as ports got rebuilt that led to the old information disappearing causing the old pkg_ tools to run out of information on what had been installed. And, the 20140208 entry in /usr/ports/UPDATING (Affecting users of icu) was probably what helped lots of old information disappear from my /var/db/pkgs.