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Update deskutils/gcalcli

Saturday, March 15 2014

Been trying to make use of the more advanced options of this, but haven’t had much luck. Went to see if there was a newer version, and found that the project had moved to github and the latest tag is 2.4.2. Seems ports have a way of not getting updated if the site moves, and the new releases aren’t posted to the old site, etc.

I started with a quick update to the port so that I can have the latest, which wasn’t too hard since its a NO_BUILD port. Then I thought about sending it up, which resulted in more changes to things. Like option knows for the 3 optional dependencies. The default matching the one that had been listed as a required dependency for previous package.

And, then added copying/installing of docs, which led to staging.

Haven’t tried the options yet, but it did make one calendar that I couldn’t see in the previous version visible. Under other calendars on Google, I have various shared public calendars and one privately shared (exchange) calendar. Which was the main reason I was fiddling with gcalcli today.

PR: ports/187619