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Trouble building new build-only dependency editors/lazarus

Wednesday, March 26 2014

Lately, I’ve been having portmaster delete all build-only dependencies, since I merged in a patch that has it able to use pkgng to install build-only dependencies from its local packages directory. So, when it was time update a port that has this as a build-only dependency, things went badly.

What I found was that when it was doing editors/lazarus-lcl-units, steps were in need of lcl to have been built…but it wasn’t going to build these until last.

So, I patched it ot make it build sooner.

PR: ports/18761

Turns out the problem were stray files left behind by the older version. The maintainer says he fixed the deinstall in this version, and a later rebuild/reinstall and then delete of this build-only depend worked without my hack.

However, he didn’t respond on my concern that its still only to trip other people up until they get this update to build/install and uninstall….oh well.