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security/gnutls3 depends on security/openssl - v1.0.1f

Tuesday, April 1 2014

Back on March 5, 2014, this port was updated to v3.1.22 to address a couple of security vulnerabilities. Where it had a new dependency for openssl-1.x, which was 1.0.1f at the time.

But, I didn’t want that. So, I tracked down the port that had installed this port and removed it, along with other leaf packages.

But, word is that this port might be replacing gnutls, which would be a much bigger mess to purge.

So, I went looking to see why gnutls3 wanted openssl-1.x. And, made it an option, preferring to build without it.

Its being pulled in by dns/unbound, which with its default build options makes it require openssl from ports on <10 (since 10’s base openssl is 1.0.1f.) And, this is to create libgnutls-dane, which adds DNSSEC verification support to DANE. And, is needed for the --check option with danetool3.

Since I suspect for the majority of users this is just a library dependency to them, I made the default to build gnutls3 without needing openssl-1.x.

PR: ports/188184

The dependency was added shortly after the previous 3.1.18 version had been released, but there was no bump to the PORTREVISION, so it went unnoticed for me.

I forget now what I had uninstalled when I nuked this port back on March 5th, so not sure if I need this port on my system at the moment….