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libxml2 update breaks my cfengine

Sunday, April 20 2014

Due to this entry in /usr/ports/UPDATING

  AFFECTS: users of print/freetype2 textproc/libxml2 x11/pixman
           x11/libxcb and graphics/freeglut
  AUTHOR: and
  The library version of the above libraries has been brought in line with what upstream expects.

my cfengine35 installations broke. Even though I did reinstall cfengine35 as part of this work.

Tried portmaster, but ran into the “Argument list too long” error. So, switched to pkg_libchk method.

Problem is cf-execd is trying to run cf-agent from /var/cfengine/bin, so it can’t update ifself or do anything. Which I realized why previous co-worker had cursed lots in getting cfengine22 to build fully static.

So, as I was working on trying to do this to cfengine35, I discovered the problem reported as PR: ports/180896 isn’t the auto-activation of libxml2 in upstream configure getting it wrong, but that we don’t have a knob to correctly control this behavior.

LIBXML2_CONFIGURE_OFF= --without-libxml2

Meanwhile, I got a patch in to either make cf-agent & cf-promises as fully static executables, or partially static. Where partially static, links all libtool libraries as static (namely libpromises and libxml2.) I had wanted tokyocabinet as part of a partially static build, but there’s no libtool definition for this.

I went with partially static for my FreeBSD servers.