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In looking for something to handle DICOM files on FreeBSD, I tried to build math/octave-forge

Friday, May 16 2014

I tried to build math/octave-forge, since under this meta-port was math/octave-forge-dicom which was the first port I could track down that depended on devel/gdcm – “Grassroots DICOM library”. But, the build didn’t go so well, as it kept failing because of some command wasn’t found, or some expected library or header was missing.

Well, the Makefile for math/octave-forge and math/octave where missing details about its BUILD_DEPENDS. In fact, trying to build math/octave-forge had it fail because the command octave wasn’t found. The port should’ve also probably listed it as a RUN_DEPEND. Not to mention that later its going to want gmake and fortran. Though math/octave was going to need stuff to build first.

However, I then found a different port (graphics/aeskulap) that did what I wanted, so I haven’t tried running this port.

So, will I submit a PR about these two ports?

2014-06-08 I had snuck past me that on June 5th, this port was updated to 3.8.1, but caught my attention today that it was being updated to 3.8.1_1. The patch I had done is still missing, but it didn’t cause me any problems because a while back I had changed the portmaster options on my home desktop to not remove build-only dependencies at the end.

Since I’ve been updating the bundle that patches my FreeBSD ports today, I added promises to patch the Makefile for math/octave and math/octave-forge. OTOH, since I’m not using any of these ports, perhaps I should just purge them from my system.