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sysutils/devcpu-data get's updated...sort of

Friday, June 6 2014

I’ve been working on my own update to this port for sometime, where the stumbling block has been trying to locate a tool to decode AMD microcode files. The attempt to resurrect devel/ruby-mmap was related to the attempt. At that time, I was trying to update the port to use Intel microcode-20130906.tgz and amd-ucode-latest.tar.bz2 with internal file dates of 20130925.

So, I was happy to see that this port got updated and includes a tool that handles both Intel and AMD microcode files.

However, I was disappointed that the microcode files don’t appear to be any newer than before. It was using Intel microcode-20130222.tgz and AMD amd-ucode-2012-09-10.tgz. I actually don’t currently have any FreeBSD systems using AMD processors, but wanted to incorporate the latest amd-ucodes for completeness.

On Debian, the latest files are the same in the source archive for amd64-microcode-2.20131007.1+really20130710.1 and the files have a date stamp of 20130907. While all the files at have a date stamp of 20130927.

In checking the Intel site, found that the latest microcode file is 20140430.

Wonder what the newer revision for my CPU brings?

PR: ports/190712