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Update devel/pybugz to 0.10.1

Sunday, June 8 2014

In the announcement of FreeBSD switch from GNATS to Bugzilla, there was reference to this port. And, in the source and readme was reference to ~/.bugzrc. Except the ports version (0.9.3) there’s nothing in the code to use a config file.

So, I looked to see what the latest on github was, and then worked on updating the port to fetch the latest from github directly and see if that would work better.

Well, it took some fiddling around to figure out that setting one or more status conditions is mandatory for search to return any results. And, figuring out what to put for the various options isn’t simple. Would be nice if there was a simple way to search for ALL except 'Issue Resolved', in case my interest is only see if there’s another bug in some open state that matches what I want to report.

Also not very obvious that the different status codes are: ‘Needs Triage’, ‘Open’, ‘Approval Needed’, ‘Commit Ready’, ‘In Discussion’, ‘Needs MFC’, ‘Issue Resolved’, ‘Timeout’, ‘UNCONFIRMED’. Or that for Product the values are: ‘Administrative Concerns’, ‘Base System’, ‘Documentation’ (instead of docs), or ‘Ports Tree’ (instead of ports). Plus what were just ‘Categories’ has now become ‘Product’ and ‘Component’.

I think this is how things map now:

Categories Product Component
advocacy Documentation Advocacy
alpha Base System alpha
amd64 Base System amd64
arm Base System arm
bin Base System bin
conf Base System conf
docs Documentation Documentation
gnu Base System gnu
i386 Base System i386
ia64 Base System ia64
java Base System java
kern Base System kern
misc Base System misc
ports Ports Tree Individual Port(s)
powerpc Base System powerpc
sparc64 Base System sparc64
standards Base System standards
threads Base System threads
usb Base System usb
- Base System wireless
www Administrative Concerns Bug Tracker
www Administrative Concerns Forums
www Administrative Concerns Junk
www Administrative Concerns Mailing Lists
www Ports Tree Infrastructure

But, before I got to trying to figuring out how to use bugz to ‘post’, I found in doing a search for ‘pybugz’, that somebody else had already submitted a patch to update to 0.10.1. They had a slightly different set of GH_* parameters, which actually got the GH_COMMIT that matched what was on the github site for the version tag. But, I compared the files in the archives and they were identical. Don’t know why it did that.

Probably should update how I reference PR’s, or something and adjust my pr-handler code. For now it does take the issue number out of the line and convert it to a link to Bugzilla site.

PR: ports/190795