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Where did my git go?

Saturday, June 14 2014

In trying to commit the work I had done to sysutils/screen, I soon found another port that required my fiddling with. devel/git, which I suspected was during one of the huge portmaster update runs, it had bombed out by leaving this port uninstalled, so that subsequent portmaster update runs wouldn’t know that I wanted it on my system and that it should be updating it. Annoying how some packages will fail to install late in the update/reinstallation stage and that portmaster doesn’t rollback to the previous version, especially since it made a backup package (at least it should’ve, though its also been told to ignore errors when attempting to create one.)

The problem here was that git had updated from 1.9.3 to 2.0.0, and that the pkg-plist hadn’t been correctly updated for the optional installation of HTMLDOCS_. I had been building this option enabled, even though I’m not currently using it. But, it is a work in progress to convert my home subversion repository into git. Its a bit complicated in that I had checked out varous git repos, and then committed them into subversion (since the way I have my configuration management system setup, its the only way to get changes into it. Reportedly there have been lots of contributed work on doing similar with git. Though I’ll probably come up with my own way eventually….)

Plus, I’m contemplating using HAST and CARP in the migration, though BSD Magazine seems to be missing the article of this series. The first article was about HAST, the second article was about CARP. The second article ended by saying that in the next will be combining the two….

Perhaps when I have a lot of free time without distractions…like sysutils/screen followed by devel/git…I’ll get to figuring this out on my own.

Anyways….I updated pkg-plist and submitted it.

PR: ports/191032