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Fix build of devel/libexecinfo on amd64

Saturday, June 28 2014

So, I have not had a working chromium on FreeBSD since 33.0.1750.152_1. And, this has been really annoying. I had even tried recompling everything it depended on, which only made the problem worse. Though that was partly because I had made the mistake of turning on the DEBUG option. All the while, everything continued to point to libexecinfo as the problem dependency. But, all the rebuild/reinstalls of it didn’t make any difference.

But, then I happened to look at its Makefile, before rebuilding it for the millionth time. I then noticed that the build output was missing a compiler flag.

The top-level Makefile has the line:

CFLAGS_amd64= -fno-omit-frame-pointer

But, this flag is nowhere to be seen in the build output.

I poked around with make -dv and other -d options, but could not figure out where it would forget that it had added this to CFLAGS for the build. Seems like at some point it starts over again, and its somewhere that doesn’t know about the CFLAGS_${ARCH} feature.

Looked at the port’s Makefile, and noticed it ends with .include <>. This isn’t in /usr/ports/Mk, it’s in /usr/share/mk. Hmmm…. :confused:

Guess that’s the problem… So, I added a patch to the port’s Makefile to check MACHINE_CPUARCH to add this flag. And, now it shows up in the build output.

And, right after I installed this patched port, I tried to start chrome…and it worked! :grinning:

Now to use chromium-35.0.1916.153_1 to enter a bug.

PR: 191465