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irc/bitlbee update forces me to update irc/irssi-otr port

Monday, July 21 2014

The recent update to the irc/bitlbee port ran into a snag for me. The update changes its dependency on security/libotr3 to security/libotr (4.0.0), where the two ports conflict with each other but irc/irssi-otr still depends on the older library. This makes it hard to use OTR when both bitlbee and irssi are on the same server, which is how I use it.

After some investigation, it appears that there had been work post 0.3 of irssi-otr that included adding libotr-4.0 support but no release had materialized. But, then I found a repository on github that seems to contain its history and jumps to a v1.0.0 release (after two alpha releases.)

So, I took a stab at updating this port….and eventually got to where portmaster installed it.

It might need more work to become a real port update, but I’m starving….

PR: 192026