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patch archivers/ruby-lha for ruby 2.0

Friday, November 21 2014

In UPDATING on 20141008, the default ruby version was updated from 1.9 to 2.0. Long ago, in addition to listing where my “default versions” differed from default (ie mysql=55p instead of mysql=55), I had added in definitions for all of the then default versions to DEFAULT_VERSIONS= in my make.conf file. Partly to avoid surprise changes, or from forgetting to check UPDATING until after I had started updating my ports. With the added benefit that if I’m not ready to make the switch, I don’t have to right away. Additionally, now that I’m doing unattended daily poudriere builds, it avoids surprises to my package repo (to some extent….)

With poudriere, I have two repos being built. One for my headless ‘servers’ and one for ‘zen’. For the first case, I was able with minor adjustments to get all my packages to build and have converted to updating those two systems from that repo. Getting the repo for ‘zen’ continues to be a work in progress.

At the time of the siwtch, the only use of lang/ruby19 was by ports-mgmt/portupgrade, so I deleted portupgrade and the resulting leaf packages from these systems. However, later I found that I still needed parts of it for other automated tasks (portsclean) and the desire/need to occasionally build a port on these systems (by a means other than with portmaster, my current preferred tool…though there are things I miss that portupgrade could do.) So, I changed these systems’ repo to the new default, and (re-)installed ‘portupgrade’ from it.

Since the repor for ‘zen’ was still a work in progress, I decided to be risky and switch its default to eventually make that transition. The next day after making the switch, I discovered that this port to be one that didn’t survive the switch to 2.0.

I found a post 0.8.1 commit to github that addressed the BROKEN issue, and threw in a patch to silence the deprecated function warning (which is removed from CAPI in 2.2.) and the #include warning.

As I was about to unleash this patch, I discovered that between Nov 1st and Nov 21st. The port had been updated to show that it also doesn’t build with ruby 2.1. So, with a bit of work, I run poudriere testport with against both ruby 2.0 and ruby 2.1.

PR: 195268