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patch audio/espeak for Gnome3's pulseaudio

Friday, November 21 2014

As part of the sudden loss of Gnome2 and the appearance of Gnome3, audio/pulseaudio got a significant bump in version (0.9.23 -> 5.0) This resulted in (re)build failure for audio/espeak if something other than the default option of PORTAUDIO is selected. RUNTIME includes both audio/portaudio and audio/pulseaudio as LIB_DEPENDS.

PULSEAUDIO is now making use of features that require C99 to succeed. So, at first I thought it was a simple matter of telling it to pass a switch to use c99 or c++99 or gnu99 or gnu++99(?), which would either involve using USE_CXXSTD=gnu99 or USE_CXXSTD=gnu++99, the first applies to C not C++ and the second doesn’t exist, though was passed anyways so that things would fail differently. Had opted to use the new OptionsNG way, so it was:


Or some variation of the sort. Along the way, I considered that perhaps the issue was the base GNU compilers weren’t new enough (later found a document indicating that one of the things it had complained about first appeared in 4.3, and the base compilers are 4.2.1.) So the attempts became:


Still no progress, And, new and different errors to confuse and baffle me. Had introduced typos in places. Eventually, I looked through the files under /usr/ports/Mk to figure out what I should use. I settled on:

PULSEAUDIO_USES= compiler:c++0x


Next were some final things that poudriere testport complained about, resulting in making some changes to the pkg-plist file. So, now to send it off into the world….

PR: 195264