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configure error trying to build thunderbird-31.3.0

Friday, December 5 2014

Couple days ago an update to mail/thunderbird appeared, and it was failing during configure. Results in poudriere skipping some 20+ ports. Which is strange since mail/thunderbird is a leaf port. And, I only just got x11/gnome3 done in poudriere, on the fence on whether I’d through in the perl update now or later. The finally stopper is editors/libreoffice which takes too long to build, and get’s killed just before my daily refresh of my ports directories.

After some digging around, concluded that two lines were in the wrong order. So flipped them around and presto. The lines had always been that way, but the contents of CONFIGURE_TARGET changed as part of this update in such that swaping portbld with unknown became necessary. But, removing it from MOZ_OPTIONS as portbld needed to be done first.

PR: 195728