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Update p5-IO-Interface on my nagios server broke DHCP?

Monday, January 5 2015

Well, its causing nagios to report that my DHCP servers are critical. Though the actual problem is "Illegal Seek".

But, where is the problem? After some searching around, I discover Devel::Trace. This allows me to narrow down to where the error message is being emitted. Searching around to see what perl Module(s) that I recently updated:

p5-Exporter-Tiny-0.042_1 installed p5-List-MoreUtils upgraded: 0.33_1 -> 0.402 p5-namespace-autoclean upgraded: 0.20_1 -> 0.23 p5-Path-Class upgraded: 0.34_1 -> 0.35 p5-IO-Socket-IP upgraded: 0.34 -> 0.35 p5-IO-Interface upgraded: 1.06_2 -> 1.09

I eventually narrow in on net/p5-IO-Interface.

The method being used in is the deprecated method, so I whip up a quick patch to use the preferred way, and it seems to work. So, tweak it so that it can go through portshaker and poudriere testport, and submit it as a bug. Then move it into my local injection point so that I can install it from my private pkg repository. Kind of annoying that testport doesn’t leave the final port’s pkg for use. Though not sure how to move the pkg into a privately signed repo, etc.

And, it’ll take while because I had done an portsnap update earlier this evening to try to get a complete build of pkgs for ‘zen’, so that I can complete its upgrade to 9.3. 104 packages queued for my servers. I’m sure it’ll want to do 600+ for ‘zen’. No idea on what I’m doing to do about the FreeBSD servers at work yet.


Well, it still doesn’t work on my nagios server. Probably something internal to IO::Interface that is now broke when trying to interface with the JMicron NIC on my nagios server, versus the RealTek on in ‘zen’. Not sure what to look at next.

Also, it was 991 for ‘zen’.

PR: 196528