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Getting chinese/arphicttf to build in poudriere

Wednesday, January 14 2015

For the longest time, when I started running poudriere, chinese/arphicttf would fail leading to misc/freebsd-doc-en getting skipped.

Eventually, I decided it would be nice if I were able to get misc/freebsd-doc-en updated on my computer. So I dig into where the problem is, and find that it was with the Makefile.ttf under chinese/ttfm. This ‘Makefile’ is not used by the chinese/ttfm port, but rather it is for ports that depend on this port to use during their builds.

Seems the post-install isn’t applicable to PACKAGE_BUILDING, though it seems to me its also not applicable for staging in general. Then there were some complaints from poudriere that the package was trying to remove things it didn’t create.

Now I finally have my own copy of the latest misc/freebsd-doc-en from poudriere :triumph:

PR: 196702