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Fix graphics/shotwell after webkit-gkt3 update

Wednesday, January 14 2015

This was the final port, I needed to get to, that broke after the update to www/webkit-gtk3. Which was the last I expected to run into, and was a little bit more complicated to resolve. Especially, where the OPENMP option has code compiled with gcc that links against a '', which had been a dependency of www/webkit-gtk3 prior to its switch to being compiled with USES= compiler:c++11-lib.

This does bring in to question whether using compiler:c++11-lib is limited to FreeBSD releases less than 10, but I stick with something that maintains the separation. Though a quick glance at freshports, seems to say that www/webkit-gtk3 was the primary consumer of devel/libc++. Where libc++ was a c++11-lib for use with prior gcc compilers. And, the USES of compiler:openmp had done the USE_GCC that was being done here. And, a USES of compiler:gcc-c++11-lib would take this further that the added LIB_DEPENDS for '' but makes changes to other environment variables that differed from what this port was doing. So, opted to only switch to a USES of compiler:openmp and inserting a LIB_DEPENDS for go with the existing LDFLAGS mod.

# because webkit-gtk3 needs it
.if ${OSVERSION} < 1000000
USES+=		compiler:c++11-lib

LDFLAGS+=	-lstdc++

USES+=		compiler:openmp
LDFLAGS+=	-lc++

PR: 196707