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fix accessibility/redshift with VIDMODE option in poudriere

Sunday, March 29 2015

Been working on rebuilding all packages for my work computer in poudriere, where this was the last package that was failing. But, had built fine for my computer at home in poudriere. Work computer uses an older NVIDIA card, though it was relative new when started working there in 2006, so until I get upgraded I’m stuck where I constantly live with applications complaining that RANDR extension is missing.

On, home workstation I see that my X display at home has both XINERAMA & RANDR, though the NVIDIA card in it has recently had its support dropped (so I’m stuck with x11/nvidia-driver-340, but various linux-c6 ports depend on x11/nvidia-driver.)

As I recall, XINERAMA & RANDR were mutually exclusive when I was trying to get X working at work, which until recently was also how I had built X at home. Getting X working at home followed the work I did at getting it to work at work, at home I had been using Ubuntu (10.04LTS). Which I had had kept holding off on upgrading as I resisted the end of Gnome2, and has since ceased when I borrowed its powersupply to restore use of my home FreeBSD workstation. If it comes back, it might be as FreeBSD 10.1 even though it is a only a Core2 Quad, and it may be desirable in the future to do poudriere builds with CPUTYPE greater than nocona/core2.

But, since then I find that my current X display at home has both XINERAMA & RANDR.

So, as a result of display limitations, I needed to build accessibility/redshift with VIDMODE. And, I had originally built it with RANDR turned off, as I did with as many ports as I could where the option existed. Though for poudriere, I’ve been trying to build it with both options on. But, I kept running into a missing build dependency error. It would build fine outside of poudriere, both at home and at work, and had somehow built fine at home with VIDMODE. Which was baffling.

Though in deeper inspection, I found that a later build dependency for graphics/gdk-pixbuf2 for my home environment would pull in the build dependency for VIDMODE, and only because for one of its dependencies, graphics/jasper, I had turned on the OPENGL option while at work I had left it as default. (more likely because I tend to be more conservative on non-default option setting at work vs home, than whether OPENGL was an option with my old NVIDIA card or not.)

PR: 199004

I have been thinking of doing a full options review of all my ports, perhaps once I finish getting everything into poudriere and complete current upgrades (such as we still use 1.9 of lang/ruby in production, while switch to 2.0 took less than a month after the default version switch…largely helped by the use of poudriere and not having to defer to upgrade windows and contending with higher priority projects.) I’ll introduce my hacked version of ports-mgmt/dialog4ports to my work poudriere server…. Ruby 1.9.3 is still the only binary avaialble for Lucid, Precise and Trusty from the official Ruby site, though PPAs exist for the newer versions, though only built from unmodified sources (such as one PPAs that offer Ruby 1.9.3 with ‘major performance improvements’ or Ruby 1.8.7 with ‘major improvements’, but Ruby 2.0, 2.1 and 2.2 are built from unmodified sources. While FreeBSD ports removed ruby 1.9 back on February 24, 2015. Though I have a port tree in poudriere that is a svn retrieval at just before the removal of gnome2, to try to avoid issues in upgrading systems still running 9.1 or 9.2 to 9.3. Will worry about upgrading to current ports when that is out of the way.