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patch sysutils/dirdiff when CFLAGS is set in /etc/make.conf

Monday, March 30 2015

Since meld got removed during upgrade to gnome3, which I have reinstalled from ports since it’s replacement doesn’t do diffs of directories. And, I often have this need. So, in looking for alternatives, this was the first obvious one to try.

Cheating, I first tried to build this outside of poudriere. Well, failed. After some inspecting, concluded the issue was because I have CFLAGS set in /etc/make.conf. Since this file is promised by CFEngine, it takes some extra effort to temporarily disable it (haven’t yet gottent COWBOY mode to work consistently, though depending on what part of the hour it was stopping cf-execd is one option. cron checks if its running once an hour, and starts it up again if it isn’t.

Anyways, looking in work dir, saw that Makefile was getting editted, such that the build could pass CFLAGS through its environment. Instead of editting CFLAGS in the Makefile to be conditional, so that passing through environment would be possible. Decided that the solution is that it should patch CFLAGS to be what it wants to pass in to the port build.

Intention is that poudriere would later build the port and I would reinstall from there. Of course, I had only made the change directly to the Makefile in /usr/ports/sysutils/dirdiff, without making a copy of its original state. So, I forgot about it. Until I noticed that the port was failing to build in poudriere, d’oh! Well, poudriere has its own ports tree, so it has the port’s Makefile in original state.

So, I pulled the two files (appropriately) into a directory under beastie-work and created a patch for possible submission. And, then set the links to feed my tweaks from here to get merged into the ports tree that get used in poudriere.

Hopefully, things will work in tomorrow’s attempt.

PR: 199058

In the meantime, the search is still on. Unless I figure out how to hack meld to work under Gnome 3, or whatever component that is the issue. The current version says it needs GTK+ 3.6, and in development is for GTK+ 3.12, But, FreeBSD has GTK+ 3.14… Or, that it requires Glib 2.34 now, with development for 2.36, but FreeBSD has 2.42…

Had already looked at the DarkThemes page in attempt to come up with usable colors. Today, I spotted the GConfWorkarounds page, but all that got me was a message that Using a flat-file settings backend is not yet supported. The meldrc.ini that already exists was from before Gnome3, etc.