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A quick update to 'print/cloudprint'

Monday, June 15 2015

While browsing through ports looking for something else, I stopped to take a peek at print/cloudprint. Now I’ve been building this port for sometime, with the intent of trying to get it set up. As I am currently doing this through the small ubuntu VM running on my main system ‘zen’, I named the VM ‘uzen’.

Originally, the ‘u’ was for ‘ubuntu’, though I often think of it as ‘u’ for ‘micro’. Not totally sure what I was thinking when I came up with it originally. While keeping with the theme, naming the VM ‘slave’ would seem appropiate in a number of ways, yet inappropriate in others. And, the other computer from the show ‘orac’, is already taken/reserved for what was my old (main) ubuntu system (back when ‘Zen’ - Windows 7 was dead, and then resurrected as ‘zen’ running FreeBSD 9.0 [now 9.3]) I’m thinking of resurrecting it someday, possibly to run FreeBSD 10+, even though its only a Core2 Quad machine….) Still no idea on what to do with the pile of parts of the what had evolved into my intended FreeBSD 10+ server. (its a U1 server that I’m turning into a tower…)

So, while getting deep into this port, hopefuly I’ll work my way back to the original task… :confused: I found that it had recently been updated to 0.12, and the main addition is OAUTH2 support (and the removal of REST) due to Google turning off the old method.

A more or less quick update of the port was done…

PR: 200878