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Grive: Google Drive client for GNU/Linux .. and now FreeBSD

Saturday, August 3 2013
  • sysutils/grive

    I got grive-0.2.0 to build on FreeBSD, and use it now and then. And, thought that I should turn it into a port. But, I think I’m out of my depth on whether this is even right. Plus I don’t think I want to be stuck maintaining this.

  • sysutils/grive-devel

    I took a look at the current work on grive-0.3.0 on github, but it needs at least 0.10 of devel/json-c and ports stops at 0.9. I had started work on making a patch to update the port, but sounds like development is heading towards needing 0.11 now.

    I then ran into it needing a newer version of devel/boost-libs than currently in ports. Given the difficulty I’ve had in building updates as a dependency of other ports, I didn’t feel like tackling this update.

    Plus I still haven’t figured out how to do distfiles from GitHub, MASTER_SITES=GH.

    Otherwise, I might reveal my stab at print/cups-cloud-print.

  • devel/json-c

    While technically a patch, it got recorded under my ports tree in my github repository as it was related to the above work. This patch would’ve brought the port up to 0.10 (on 2013-11-09 the port jumped from 0.9 to 0.11.)

  • 2014-03-09

    I happened to be poking around on github for some reason, when I saw that there was a response to a year old issue for grive on making it compile on FreeBSD. Hadn’t looked through issues before, but I only had two notifications for Grive, and one had the word “FreeBSD” in it… The added response was that it builds fine from ports (net/grive).

    Wonder how long that had been there, wonder if there’s some way to find out when new ports are added? Perhaps something I could do at the same time as when I’m doing my daily portsnap?