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Tuesday, November 19 2013

Been trying to figure out how to generate the .fw files for sysutils/devcpu-data from the latest amd-ucode files. Found a ruby program that looked promising, but getting it to run was a challenge. Especially since it wanted ‘mmap’.

But, devel/ruby-mmap was marked DEPRECATED (Does not work with Ruby 1.9), and expired on 2013-10-10. It was removed on 2013-10-11.

I got ‘mmap’ to build after going through the source and figuring out what was needed to get it to work with 1.9. I was going to fork ruby-mmap on github to record my work, when I found that numerous other forks exist with similiar/better changes to mmap.c. I took what appeared to be the most recent and it showed itself to be 0.2.7.

So, I tweaked the Makefile to create PORTVERSION 0.2.7 from DISTVERSION 0.2.6 :stuck_out_tongue:

Alas, it didn’t extract anything. So, I abandonned thought of submitting this.