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Saturday, March 15 2014

Somewhere along the way a portsnap update removed net/p5-Net-DHCP-Watch from my /usr/ports directory, causing portmaster -a to abort. Been getting kind of annoying lately with all the reasons it’ll abort or do the wrong thing now.

It also complains (and aborts) that I have packages installed that have recently been deleted from ports. I haven’t yet investigated an alternative to net/nxserver or net/freenx, it still works (wasn’t that long ago that I submitted a patch for one of the components.) But, the company has stopped making it generally available to the public, thought there’s a note about it working with certain open source projects. Along with it being available to its paying customers.

Anyways back to this port, one way to fix this would be to hit send on my submission to make net/p5-Net-DHCP-Watch into a real port. But, since the reason for its existence is this nagios plugin. I went to work on turning this into a port as well. Following other ports and reading stuff in /usr/ports/Mk, I did staging with this.

Will I hit send?

PR: ports/187623